College Packing List

Getting admission in a new college and going to a new place is a real excitement. It’s like onto a road of a new journey and everything would be new right from packing till studies and friends. For most of the students, packing for college is like leaving away from home for the first time. There are lots of things that need to be considered and pondered over as if what to buy and how much to store. So, in this case, proper organization is a must. One needs to manage things so that nothing is missed and it’s not extra too. In this case, one should first make a checklist by jotting down all the things, no matter how petty, and figure out what things need to be bought. Shopping should not be delayed and initiated as soon as one gets intimidated about joining date. These way things will go smoothly and last few weeks at home will be stress-free and comfortable.

College packing list should be very precise. You should consider only those things that will be really needed and as there will be not much space to keep all the items. Before going for a shopping you should see what things are already in your home. Few things that can be in the list are mementos or photographs of family members so that you should feel like at home. You should also carry seasonal clothes with you and once you come home in break you can swap clothing for another season. Keep enough clothes by estimating how much laundry you can do. As in the starting during setting and joining you won’t get enough time to do laundry.

College packing list can be minimized if you know your roommates before then this will help you a lot to avoid duplication of things and will also create enough space in the room. There can also be an option of sharing bulky items like a refrigerator, T.V. You should try to put your things in a duffle bag as it carries enough material and does not get heavy on overloading. So you can adjust many things in a single bag. This would be important when you are going by air and can carry luggage only up to certain limit. Sometimes you don’t need to carry everything new. Your friends and roommates may also help you in sharing few things. You can also keep an option of buying certain things from the college place itself. Any non-essential items can be picked up later from home in your next visit.